Hudson, NH   
"During my Professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. LaRocque in the joint care of his patients needs.  Over the 27 years we have worked together, his knowledge of occlusal function (bite), stability of the dentition and appreciation of esthetics, has always been head and shoulders above his peers.  

Not only is he constantly updating his clinical skills and knowledge to be a State of the Art Practitioner, in addition, his people skills have always included tremendous compassion and understanding, with the ability to put the needs of the patient as his first priority.  In his pursuit of total oral and systemic health, he never forgets that there is a complete person connected to the oral cavity."


PAT H...

Dr LaRocque,  Just a note to say thank you very much for my crown.  It was a pleasant surprise and so thoughtful of you. All these years I have said what a GREAT Dentist you are and you never hurt me either!  You are a kind and generous man.  One of my reasons for telling my children that I do not want to move far away again.  Hope to be seeing you for the next 20 years.  Thank you!



You know the feeling you get when you work with a consummate professional, who really, really knows what they are doing?  That's Dr. LaRocque.
I've had hygienists who have worked in this office on a temporary basis mention that this Doctor is one of the most competent dentsts they've ever worked with.  When I moved to another state, I've had other dentists comment on the quality of his work.  Now that I'm back in the state, I wouldn't go to anyone else.  
A small chip on a front tooth?  You wouldn't know it was ever there.  Fillings?  All composite- and that, years ahead of other dentists who were still using mercury amalgam.  Need to have a tooth worked on?  Relax... Dr. LaRocque is outstanding at keeping you comfortable as a patient, and he's a genuinely nice guy.
He's been chosen one of the five Top Dentists in the State by NH Magazine.  He can do fantastic things on the cosmetic side of the practice.
His staff is outstanding.  Cleanings are very thorough... But, best of all, I know that I'm a patient with one of the most competent dentists in the state.  Why would you want to go anywhere else?"


CHERYL P...      

"SHARING MY EXPERIENCE"-     As a military family, we had moved 22 times in just over 20 years.  Consequently, I went to a continuous stream of new dentists for all those years.  My dental work, even though I paid a lot of money for some of it, was a hodgepodge patchwork of "current fixes".  No matter who I went to, I was always dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance of the end result, and very discouraged with the cost and quality of dentistry as a whole.  No matter how much money I spent, it still wasn't giving me the nice, white smile that I always coveted.  Once we knew that we'd be in this area for a while, I decided to find a dentist who could help me achieve a beautiful smile for the first time in my life.  After considerable research, I discovered that Dr. LaRocque was the dentist I needed to see.  In addition to the spectacular results you see in the pictures (Smile Gallery, Case #1), there are a few results I'd like to share.

Dr. LaRocque removed nearly all the deteriorating silver amalgam fillings from my back teeth and replaced them with composite (white) fillings.  While the cosmetic result was obvious, there were also unexpected health benefits.  I had always dealt with what I call a "metal" allergy.  I couldn't wear bracelets, rings, earrings, or necklaces for more than an hour or two without developing a rash whenever the metal touched my skin.  Once the silver fillings were gone, the "allergy" was too.        

I had also suffered from debilitating migraines.  Sometimes they would develop during the day and sometimes I would wake up with them in the morning.  Dr LaRocque equilibrated my bite as part of my overall treatment plan and I have not had a migraine in over 18 months.  To me, that is no small thing.  It has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life.  I didn't realize how much I had been putting up with until I started to feel really good again.


"CONCLUSION"-  The final results definitely exceeded my expectations.  It was a huge commitment and investment (of both time and money) but I've never been anything but thrilled with the end result.  Everyone involved with Dr. LaRocque's practice has the same comittment to excellence that he does.  They are all professional, efficient, and caring.  I still have more work to be done and I know that they will continue to provide me with exceptional dentistry!"




"I became a patient of Dr. LaRocque's 20 years ago after relocating to NH.  I'd neglected my dental health and needed quite a bit of initial work to regain it.  In addition to doing great work in restoring my teeth (fillings cavities, making crowns, etc.), he was the first dentist to recognize that my mouth chemistry requires me to have professional cleaning every three months.  In addition, Dr. LaRocque's referrals have been first rate.  I give him eleven on a scale of ten."



"When I first met Dr. LaRocque, I had a real fear of the dentist.  He soon changed all that.  He is a remarkable dentist, both gentle and kind.  His staff is also very special.  They treat their patients with respect and address their dental needs in a professional manner.  I have had a lot of dental work including bridges and implants.  I would highly recommend Dr. LaRocque.  In my opinion, there is no better dentist."



"Dr. LaRocque and his staff are great.  They honestly provide expert professional results with a very personal approach!  I only wish I had "joined" them much sooner than I did.  The doctor is genuine in all aspects- very technically savvy and knowledgeable, but also a real person.  And that goes for everybody in his office as well.  I look forward to my visits and am always happy to hear from them.  
I am constantly impressed with the priority given to "my" feelings about my teeth and what "I" think is important.  Dr. LaRocque pursues  every detail with me and makes sure I am completely satisfied.  He was able to suggest a course of action for some cosmetic issues I was having and I was very happy with the results and how quickly it all came together.  I had constantly mentioned wanting something done for years with my previous dentist, to no avail.
I started going there after my son gave a rave review of his own visits.  Dr. LaRocque was able to work out a plan with him since he doesn't (unfortunately) get insurance through his work.  Along with the evident concern and care that went into the treatment plan, I was impressed with the straight forward way in which things were handled.
I can't say enough about Dr. LaRocque and his wonderful crew.  I highly recommend them to one and all."



"My husband has been a very happy patient of Dr. LaRocque's for many years.  Several years ago, I laso became a patient.  From day one I have extremely impressed with both Dr. LaRcoque and his staff.  Dr. LaRocque suggested several procedures to improve my dental health and we worked together to come up with a plan which worked for me.  On several occasions I have had dental professionals comment on Dr. LaRocque's attention to detail.  Crowns, even temporary crowns, are beautiful.  If you want a dentist who truly cares about his patient and is a perfectionist, I highly recommend Dr. LaRocque."


Dear Colleen, Dr. LaRocque, and Lynn,

Thank you all for helping me weather this latest problem!  Dr. LaRocque-  You are so good at what you do; I am often times too overwhelmed to say it to you, but thank you for helping me to keep whatever teeth are still in my mouth.  Colleen, you are always so helpful when I call.  I really do appreciate it.  Lynn, it was great to meet you.  I do not know what I would do without all of your help, and I cannot say thank you often enough.  I am not so afraid now when I look into the mirror!   Doris